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Summerseat Methodist Primary School, Summerseat, Bury



As you may already know, on 25th May 2018 the General Data Protection regulation (GDPR) came into force. This replaced the Data Protection act 1998 and it is intended to improve the safety and security of personal data held by organisations, and make sure that people understand what information is held about them and why. This section of the website contains further information relating to GDPR. You can see our privacy notice below. 

Photograph consent is one aspect of GDPR. We take lots of photographs of the children at school and use these images as part of our school displays and for our website and Twitter page.  

To comply with data protection laws we need parents' permission before we can photograph or make any recording of their children.

Please download and read the school's consent form regarding the use of photographs in school.  A link can be found below.  All parents are required to have completed a consent form and completed forms are kept centrally in the school office for reference. 

If a parent wishes to change their level of consent they should complete a new form and return it the school office to inform the school of the change.

Please speak to the Headteacher if you have any questions or concerns about photograph consent.


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