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Summerseat Methodist Primary School, Summerseat, Bury


We aim to foster a love of reading in all our children here at Summerseat. This is vital both as a life skill in order to enable children to access a wide range of information in the world around them but also a means of enjoyment where books can transport them to many new and exciting worlds. 

We ensure that children get to read and hear a wide range of genres as part of our holistic approach to reading for pleasure. 

On this page you will find a number of helpful documents. The 'Summerseat Super Stories' are a collection of books that are suitable for children in each age group and we have copies available in classes for children to loan. The books come recommended by a number of teachers and literary experts. As ever, we recommend that parents check they are happy that the content is suitable for their child.

The 'VIPERS' section contains information that will guide parents in how to assist their own child in developing good comprehension skills when listening to them read at home. It details a number of useful question types that are perfect to check and assess that your child has understood their book and can retrieve information from it.

There is also a copy of our reading scheme progression and a list of texts children will bring home that are closely matched to their phonic level. 

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